Saturday, August 26, 2006

Parañaque solon cited, Golez-Lagman Impeachment Debate

Parañaque solon cited, Golez-Lagman Impeachment Debate
Manila Bulletin, p. 14, 27 August 2006

The Concerned Citizens of Parañaque City (CCPC) lauded yesterday Parañaque Rep. Roilo Golez for his surprising revelation when he clobbered veteran legislator Edcel Lagman in the latest impeachment bid against President Arroyo last Thursday after a marathon sleepless overnight session in the House of Representatives.
CCPC President Joey Alcantara noted that while Golez could cite from memory landmark impeachment cases like the Elpidio Quirino, Bill Clinton, and Richard Nixon cases, Lagman could only cite an obscure Supreme Court (SC) ruling on a certain "Pascual," an administrative officer in the province.
The CCPC said that Golez — who was a debater in the University of the Philippines which he represented several times in inter-collegiate debates — was able to corner Lagman with blistering questions in the President Quirino case which Lagman admitted he did not study well.
The CCPC noted that the Parañaque solon cited that in the Quirino case, all parties were allowed to present evidences, witnesses, including the appearance of Quirino’s brother, unlike in President Arroyo’s case where evidence and witnesses were suppressed.
After being cornered, Lagman refused to answer questions which is akin to throwing in the towel and a show of surrender, the CCPC concluded.


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